Whole life guarantees / Index-powered upside potential

The Benefits of Whole Life

Human Life Value Protection
Family Protection
Business Protection
Estate Planning Strategies
Asset Maximization
The human life value of an individual, by far the most valuable asset of a family or business, is insurable for its replacement value on a permanent basis with Whole Life insurance through the guaranteed death benefit.
The life insurance death benefit can help to ensure the financial stability of a family through the funding of:
  • Mortgage protection 
  • Education funding; and 
  • Income needs.
Life insurance is ideally suited to address four major areas of business planning:
  • The funding of buy-sell agreements and stock redemption plans 
  • The funding of supplemental retirement programs 
  • Key person indemnification; and 
  • The payment of loans and mortgages.
Whole Life insurance plays a key role in estate planning by offering:
  • Adequate liquidity to pay estate and inheritance taxes; 
  • Assets to generate income for a surviving spouse and children; 
  • Estate equalization among heirs; and 
  • Funding for special needs children and adults.
One of the unique benefits of Whole Life is the way it enhances the value of other assets during retirement. The guaranteed death benefit provides the "permission slip" that may enable you to spend down principal and interest knowing that the principal will be replaced for your family upon death.

The Index Participation Feature represents the Next Generation of Whole Life insurance. But Whole Life has always been among the most versatile financial assets available that can help build and stabilize a client's overall financial portfolio. Discover how Whole Life can help your clients and prospects by exploring the following resources.

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